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At St Paul’s we seek to demonstrate God's love by serving the people of Crawley and the wider world in as many ways as we can.

Loaves and Fishes our volunteer-run café is a popular meeting place with our own congregation, members of the local community and people coming into the building for the many classes and groups which hire our rooms.

Opening times - 10:30am-1:30pm Monday-Thursday in school term times

Why 'Loaves and Fishes'? It's a reminder of the time when over 5,000 people gathered by the Sea of Galilee hungry to hear Jesus's teaching. With the day drawing to a close, the disciples reminded Jesus that the people needed to be fed but the only food available was two loaves of bread and five fishes brought by a small boy. Miraculously, with these meagre resources everyone was fe

Supporting charitiesSt Paul’s regularly supports All We Can (Methodist Relief and Development)MHA (Methodist Homes), Christian Aid, and Action for Children. In addition our congregation is always generous in responding to appeals for emergency situations in the world.

Caring for the environment St Paul’s has been recognised as an Eco-Congregation (now known as Eco-Church). Our Eco-team encourages us to recycle everything possible and use resources wisely

Crawley Open House - Offers hostel accommodation, a Day Centre, advice and assistance to homeless people in Crawley. St Paul's supports Open House in practical ways such as collecting warm clothing for the winter months and collections of food items as well as through regular prayer.