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Fellowship at St Paul's

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism in the 18th century, encouraged the formation of small groups within Methodist church societies. These small groups, known as ‘classes’ met regularly with a leader to support and challenge each other in their faith.
Today groups of this sort have become less common but there is a new growth in many churches of small groups where people enjoy Christian fellowship together while learning and growing.
At St Paul’s we have a number of Fellowship Groups which meet regularly, and occasional Study Groups which come together for a few weeks 3 or 4 times a year to follow a study course. In these groups members of the congregation get to know each other better through learning, discussion and conversation about important faith matters in a mutually supportive way.

Monday 10-11am Monday Fellowship a weekly group which is mainly for bible study and prayer but also discusses world events and anything else members want to share. Everyone would be very welcome at this group

Monday 8pm Zoom Fellowship - this group meets mainly by Zoom, occasionally face-to-face. It especially suits those who cannot easily get to evening meetings after work, have childcare difficulties or otherwise need to stay at home. The group focuses on Bible study and everyone who wishes takes a turn at leading.

Tuesday at 12noon Lunch Club - meets in the church cafe, Loaves and Fishes, for good food and a friendly chat with others. All are welcome to come and meet some new friends.

Wednesday Fellowship - this group meets at St Paul's from 10:45am-12 every Wednesday morning. The programme is varied and includes bible studies, table games and quizzes, talks and discussions. Members like to arrive early to have a chat and coffee together in the church cafe beforehand and some stay for lunch afterwards - a real fellowship morning! You would be very welcome so do come along any Wednesday.

Friday evenings at St Paul's 6:30 - 8pm - while children and young people are rehearsing in the Young People's Singing Groups their parents, plus anyone else who wants to come along, get together to relax at the end of their busy week, enjoying conversation, discussion and fellowship together. Once a month a Contemporary Worship service is held during this time followed by refreshments. This is open to everyone.

To know more about any of these groups email

Short-term study groups
3-4 week Bible study courses are on offer during Lent and Advent and sometimes in between. Some are face to face meetings and some are presented on Zoom. They are announced on our home page.





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